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Craft Brew Made in the ADK

Below is a list of beers that we brew. We rotate and keep 8 on tap. Please check our instagram or FB for latest updates

Bluff Island Gold - 4.7% ABV / 17 IBU

This refreshing light-golden ale embodies drinkability. It is dry with light malty sweetness. English two-row malt plays with American hops to give this ale its dry finish. Clean, clear and bright.

Split Rock Ale - 5.3% ABV / 18 IBU

A tribute to a classic British mild ale, it is light brown in color, rich, malt-forward flavor profile balances notes of biscuit, mild cocoa and erthy hops. A creamy mouthfeel and full body enhances its drinkability, making this an extremely sessionable ale.

Old Mountain Milk Stout - 5.1% ABV / 21 IBU

In memory of Old Mountain Phelps, this sweet stout is proof that full rich flavor can come in a brew of modest proportions. Lactose is added to the brew creating a velvety palate and easy sweetness.

McKenzie Mt Red - 5.5% ABV / 24 IBU

Rich and malty, with huge hop aroma and flavor, this red ale is brewed in the shadow of McKenzie Mountain. The intense aroma of pine and citrus come from an abundance of American hops. This balances the sweetness and rich, bready flavors of this beer's caramel malts.

Clark and Marshall Original 46'er Ale - 4.6% ABV / 46 IBU

Requested by the ADK 46'ers, this beer is being brewed to mark the 100th anniversary of Herb Clark, Bob and George Marshall's ascent of their first 46'er, Whiteface. A light bodied, quaffable bitter, it has sweet grain flavor in the mouth with a deep dry finish.


PF Loope American Pale Ale - 4.5% ABV / 42 IBU

Those who come in 1st, 2nd & 3rd are always recognised. Here's to those who are 4th. PF Loope was the 4th one to complete the ADK 46 in 1933. This ale is delightfully hopped with Summit, Cascades & Falconer's Flight which makes for an easy drinking ale that one could enjoy 4 of. 

Leaning Pine IPA - 5.7% ABV / 64 IBU 

Huge pine aroma, intense resinous hop flavor and a dry finish leaves you with a magnificently balanced IPA. English two row and crystal malts provide the base for the high alpha hops to come forward.

Black Fly BIPA - 5.7% ABV / 64 IBU

An American-style India Black ale, the dark malts used give this ale an appearance of a stout. The generous additions of west coast hops like Nugget, Millennium, and Cascades bring the hop character of traditional IPA. The result is a smooth, yet bitter ale with a mellow finish. Caution: for internal use only. Not intended to be used as an insect repellent. Misuse may attract bears.

90 Miler DIPA - 9.0% ABV / 90 IBU

Named after the famous 90 Mile canoe/kayak/guideboat race that ends here in the village of Saranac Lake. This intensely delectable brew highlights subtle, yet assertive signatures of American hop varieties (Nugget, Millennium, Warrior, Chinook and Columbus). The color reflects the crystal and amber malts used to bring balanced to the high hop intensity.

Specialty Brews

Smoke Signals Ghost Pig Blonde - 4.8% ABV / 24 IBU

Brewed for Smoke Signals Restaurant in Lake Placid, this blonde ale pairs well with BBQ or any dish. Sweet malt finish balanced with light hop flavors make this an enjoyable brew to have with a meal or on its own.

Players Slapshot IPA - 5.2% ABV / 80 IBU

A warm, rounded, yet surprisingly delicate IPA. This ale is designed and created for Players Sports Bar & Grille on Main St, Lake Placid. A perfect beer to enjoy while watching a game and having a burger.

Carnival Magic - 7.5% ABV / 18 IBU

An American style dopple bock, the aroma & flavor are dominated by Munich malt. This results in a fairly sweet & caramel-like character. Deep & dark colored, this rich brew is easy drinking. With a few sips, one can have an experience of the magic of Winter Carnival.

Long Falls IPA - 5.6% ABV / 60 IBU

A North Country Style IPA, using only Newport hops grown by our friend Jose O'Connor in Carthage, NY. Be sure to visit his Restaurant (interestingly titled "Jose O'Connors") if you happen to be in that area. 

Bottle Slide Wheat - 4.8% ABV / 22 IBU

On the belly of the sleeping Giant, there are a series of distinctive rock slides. The Bottle Slide is the northern most slide on Giant's west cirque. A North Country tribute to an American Wheat, this is brewed to refresh after a long day wrestling with black flies.

Haystack Ale -  5.0 % ABV / 21 IBU

Brewed in the shadow of Haystack Mountain, this gently brewed ale compliments the fall season. A blend of munich, vienna, mild and pale malts balanced out the subtle flavors. Lightly hopped, this refreshing ale pairs well with wings.

Hot Sara - 5.5 % ABV / 69 IBU

Retaining the dry finish that make IPAs so drinkable, Hot Sara is a bit malter than an American IPA. It has a warm inviting ruby hue & finishes smooth and dry. Brewed in commemoration of the sign on top of the Hotel Saranac. 

Upper Locks Session IPA - 4.8 % ABV / 70 IBU

A refreshing session IPA, this brew is crafted with 6 different hops. Oats added to the mash, lead to a full body, yet clean finish. It's wonderful ale to enjoy after a paddle across the lakes.